Nursing students

It began with a vision: Providing a good nursing education at very low cost to young women from underprivileged families in Chhattisgarh and thereby improving nursing care both at the Hospital and elsewhere in this mostly rural and impoverished area.

The Nursing School adopted a three and one-half year curriculum of the Mid India Board of Examiners, a curriculum recognized by the Indian Nursing Council. Among other challenges, however, opening the Nursing School required a teaching staff and residential housing for the students.

In 2010, housing for the nursing students was made possible by the addition of two floors to an existing guest house on the hospital campus. After inspections by the Mid India Board of Examiners, the State Nursing Council, and then the Indian Nursing Council, in 2011 the Nursing   School received accreditation by the India Nursing Council.

Nursing students in class.

In addition to their formal classroom studies, our student nurses spend time on the Hospital’s wards. There, they learn not only the science of medicine but the art of care and compassion. They also help teach patients and their families about health and hygiene.

The Nursing School only accepts candidates from Chhattisgarh. It provides training at a lower cost than any private nursing school in the State. In exchange for their heavily-subsidized education, the nursing students are asked to give two years of service to the CHM upon graduation. After completion of their post-graduate obligations, we hope these new nurses will continue to work and serve in Chhattisgarh.

The Nursing School accommodates 30 students per class and has a full-time teaching staff of six. The first class will graduate in 2014.

Principal: Mariamma Baby;
Vice Principal: Sweta Titus;
Tutors: Ritesh Masih, Subrata Bright, Arun Beborta, Prerna Singh