The Hospital:

It is to be understood that Christian Hospital Mungeli is a not for profit hospital trying to provide basic modern medicine at the least affordable price. We are not a corporate hospital and the majority of patients that we treat are from the lower socioeconomic strata.  Having said that, our strengths in working at the hospital are:

  • we believe in professional satisfaction of professionals who will be able to use their skills 
  • we provide benefits of living on a safe and friendly campus
  • we provide children’s education in our own school with free tuition from K-12
  • we provide recreational facilities on the campus
  • we stress on long term benefits for those who have faithfully served the institution and these are through well planned pension plans. 
  • Therefore we encourage those candidates to apply, who are wanting to serve but also wanting to live and contribute to a close knit community.


  1. Quality Control Manager:
    Minimum 1-2 yr experience and/ or experience with NABH -Pre Accreditation Entry Level Certification standards.
  2. Administrator:
    Preferably MHA with experience and in-depth knowledge of statutory requirements and legal issues of managing a 100+ bedded hospital.
  • Diploma/MD in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • Radiation oncologist
  • Medical Physicist
  • Diploma in Orthopaedic
  • Dialysis technician


The School:

Rambo Memorial English Medium Higher Secondary School is a relatively new initiative and has grown only in recent years.  It has been the hospital that has supported the growth of the school by building the infrastructure and helping in other services like buses with drivers etc.  The vision of the school is to provide low cost English medium education, focusing on village children.  This is what we look at foremost.  Our teaching methods are student-centric where children learn in an activity based environment using ICT.  We also plan to provide special help to those who have learning disabilities.

In line with that, it is clear that the fees are not high and likewise our salaries are not comparable to the schools that cater to the rich in the cities.  However, we provide benefits of free housing, free tuition for the staff children, subsidized food for those who are single and long term benefits of pensions which are significant. It is an excellent place for those who are looking for long term commitment of families who can enjoy teaching, get professional satisfaction and be a part of a close knit community. 


 Post graduate trained teachers in:
      1. Physics.
      2. Chemistry
      3. Biology.
      4. Book Keeping and accountancy.
      5. English language.
      6. Social Studies / Humanities  
      7. Vice Principal

    Applicants must be fluent in Spoken English

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