Founded in 1896, Christian Hospital Mungeli (CHM) is a 120-bed hospital which provides a broad spectrum of modern medical services to the people of Mungeli, Chhattisgarh, and the surrounding districts. Chhattisgarh state’s first low-cost Cancer unit  utilizing BHABHATRON-II , a Cobalt-60 radiation machine, has been fully functional since June 2016 and providing cancer treatment with Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy . CHM also operates a nursing school and administers the 950-student Rambo Memorial English Medium School.

Christian Hospital Mungeli is owned and operated by the Church of North India’s Eastern Regional Board of Health Services.

Mission Statement: The whole community of Christian Hospital Mungeli is committed to providing holistic healthcare through excellent services, quality care and respectful treatment in which the spirituality of each person is honored. No patient will be refused. All patients will be treated regardless of what religion they belong to, and the hospital will always strive to provide the best of services at the least minimal cost, always being aware to serve the marginalized and needy.